Octopus June SM Posts 17

Do you ever get hair envy when you flick through magazines and see so many lovely photos of celebs showing off their gorgeous hair styles? Maybe you have a Pinterest account dedicated to wishful thinking up-dos, or have a taste of the green eyed monster when you go out with your friends who are showing off beautifully styled hair.
If this is you, then we can help! Our team of experts aren’t just here to cut and colour your hair. Oh no, we are passionate about showing you the best ways to maintain and look after your hair in between your appointments too, and that includes styling.
Maybe you want to learn how to braid your hair, need tips on the best way to curl and straighten, or perhaps you want to challenge yourself with an updo that you have been admiring for so long. From the simple to the more advanced, we can help.
All you need to do is book an appointment with your stylist, explain what it is you need help with and they will give you a one-to-one tutorial packed with hints and tips to enable you to easily continue it yourself at home.
There’s no need to spend hours searching through endless amounts of video tutorials trying to copy demonstrations that are just not working. Instead, treat yourself to some pampering in the salon and get into the heart of it with your on-hand stylist who can personally give you a lesson.
When your hair looks good, you feel good, so don’t sit there yearning for that style someone else is showing off; be that person! It’s time to stop wishing and start doing. Book an appointment today and discover the style you have been longing for is actually a lot easier to do than you think!