Banner2Looking after our clients is the number one focus at Octopus HQ, and we’re really excited to be taking our care programme one step further with the introduction of a brand-new range from Matrix, called Biolage R.A.W.

Biolage R.A.W is Real, Authentic and Wholesome. It is a natural range of hair products, free of sulphates and silicones, leaving your hair perfectly clean, silky and smooth. It’s the ideal combination if you are looking for a greener, eco-friendly hair system.
Like everything in life, it’s important to be mindful with the decisions we make. We are all striving to be healthier and make cleaner choices, so why stop at the products we use on our hair? The R.A.W collection has all the non-essential ingredients removed and ranges from 70 – 100% natural origin. It doesn’t sacrifice on quality so your hair will look and feel as you would expect from any quality hair care range. Each formula is up to 99% biodegradable and every bottle is made with 100% recycled packaging so from the inside out, R.A.W is doing something good.
There are 4 areas of care in the R.A.W range:
Nourish: Transforms dry, dull hair into healthy-looking soft locks with ingredients including coconut oil, honey and quinoa husk, and kaolin clay.
Recover: Restores shine using ingredients like yucca, goji berry, coriander oil and kaolin clay.
Replenish: A custom oil blend that creates smoother, softer, shinier hair. Suitable for all hair types.
Uplift: Purifies flat, fine hair without harsh stripping using ingredients like black sesame, grapefruit, kiwi and kaolin clay.
Each area provides a selection of feel-good, look-good and do-good hair products that leave your hair feeling amazing with professional results. So, here’s to the beginning of some great new changes at Octopus hair; we’re already in love with this new range and we can’t wait for you to try it too.
R.A.W is available in the salon now.