Octopus August SM Posts 15This weekend saw the return of the X Factor back on our TV screens which has well and truly marked the start of Autumn, and we absolutely loved checking out the hair styles on show and it seems there is a definite theme already appearing, not just from the judges, but also from this year’s hopefuls. Here is the low down on this weekend’s favourites:
Nicole Scherzinger
Scherzy was rocking some sexy hair styles and we were loving them all! The glamourous Pussycat Doll screamed sex appeal with two variations of slicked back hair including a high pony tail with loose curls, and a scraped back, off-the-face, long look. She also gave us serious hair envy with her long, loose wavy tresses teamed with three French plaits at the front of her head which were joined up into a top knot. A style we think is going to a real winner this season.
Sharon Osbourne 
Sharon was on point with her short, cropped red hair. We recently raved about how amazing red hair is, and Sharon was no stranger to the look; she had it all going on. Her cherry red, short look, cut into the nape of her neck with added body on top and a side fringe had everything right about it. The style is classy, sexy and couldn’t be more on trend if she tried.
Alesha Dixon
Stepping in on Sunday night was Alesha Dixon, who took a leaf out of her fellow judge’s book and was also about the slicked back pony tail with loose waves. This look never fails, even amongst the judges! She also styled gorgeous straight, glossy hair, neatly tucked behind the ear which oozed maximum sophistication.
Rwanda Shaw
The Poundland worker belted out You’ve got the Love by Florence and the Machine and we absolutely had the love for her long-braided hair, swept off her face and tied in a half up/half down look. So cool and so stylish; let’s hope we see more in the next round.
This Sinitta look-a-like had no shame stripping down to a jewelled bikini as she sang Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. The Brazilian personal trainer was sporting a mane of wild thick dark brown tight curls, teased with a touch of light brown at the ends. We loved it!
Grace Davies
Amazing Grace! We were loving everything about this girl. Not only did she blow us all away with her own song Roots, but the 20-year-old screamed style with her funky striped trousers, bardot top, trainers and flirty bob. Grace showed us all how to style thick, short hair in the right way. Curled, messy, wavy and bouncy, this bob is a real crowd pleaser and we have a feeling her hair styles are only going to get even more exciting.
Georgina Panton
With a slicked back hair wrapped neatly into a thick bun, this girl not only owned her hairstyle but owned her rendition of Love on the brain by Rihanna too. Simple and stylish, this girl looks set to go far.
Nicole Caldwell
We loved Nicole’s hair for the simplicity of it. This rock chick belted out Purple Rain by Price and styled out a look that was cool and relatable. With her long hair tied back into a low ponytail and her layers falling around the front of her face, she had a natural flair that we’re all going to copy.
Shanaya Atkinson-Jones
Say something I’m giving up on you by A Great Big World may have been the song she belted out in her audition, but there is absolutely no way we would want to give up on her hair style. What an epic head of hair she was styling out. Her mass of thick hair and tight curls are everything the judges said about her audition: beautiful and perfect. Octopus predicts Shanaya and her locks are going to be making quite the journey through to the live shows!