Octopus September SM Posts 4It’s easy to feel envious when you see images of models with beautifully thick hair, or your favourite celebrity showing off luscious volumising locks at a glamourous event, but rather than getting caught up in a cycle of copious amounts of back combing, mousse and spray in an attempt to recreate the look, there is a hidden trick which many of them use, and that simple is, hair extensions.

As we age, our hair follicles become weaker; team that with the effects of the environment and stresses and strains of everyday living, our hair can end up looking like it needs a good lift. If you are lucky enough to be graced with beautifully thick locks, we salute you! If, on the other hand, your hair is looking flat and limp, why not consider enhancing the look with hair extensions to rejuvenate your locks and give them the volume it is lacking.

Fine hair can sometimes be a challenge to style and we hear so often in the salon, stories from our clients about their struggle to do anything with it, and how they wish their hair looked and felt so much thicker – just like those images of celebrities they are drooling over! Whilst we are always on hand to listen and give advice for styling fine hair, having extensions is a great solution to add that extra volume which so many people are dreaming of.

By adding in strands of real Fabulong Hair throughout your own, we can discreetly create a look to give you not just added volume, but added confidence too, and most importantly, ensuring it remains natural looking.

Extensions don’t just have to be about length, adding in thickness can transform the look and style of your hair as much as it does having it long. It’s all about creating the look you want and the versatility of extensions allow us to do that.

If you are considering investing in hair extensions, give the salon a call today and arrange a consultation so we can discuss how to help you.