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There’s always something a little bit extra special and exciting when our clients ask us to do their hair for a special occasion. As well as giving us an excuse to find out all the gossip on said event, it also provides us with the ideal opportunity to get creative, try out new styles and of course, play with accessories!
We have previously styled hair for a variety of occasions including graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries and balls, but one that gets us really excited and literally jumping for Octopus joy, is when we hear the happy news that one of our clients is getting married!
Now there are many reasons why we like a good wedding. Obviously, we HAVE to know about the engagement! How did it happen? Who asked who? What’s the ring like? Where are you getting married? But, gossip aside (only for a few minutes, while we top up the fizz!) the most exciting part for us, is talking wedding hair.
Never have we understood more how important it is to have the right hair style at a wedding, and even more so, ensuring it stays intact for the day. With a sea of cameras and videos capturing it all, the last thing any bride wants is a hair disaster. ...and that's where we can help!
There are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding hair and we love nothing more than sitting down and discussing them with our brides-to-be. We have the expertise and craft to create beautiful hair so whatever your requirements, we have different packages available for you.
Like all weddings, preparation is key. That’s why it’s just as important for us to plan your hair as it is for you to plan your day. An initial consultation is essential so we can determine how many people we will be styling, the kind of looks you have in mind, discussions on hair lengths and of course the location we need to be at on the day.
Once we know the basics, the fun really can begin. An additional appointment will be made especially for you and your wedding party so we can get styling. Whether you are looking for simple curls under a veil or want a more technical up-do, it's important we do at least one practice run to make sure you are happy.
The final stage is the day itself. Whether you are coming into the salon, or you want us at your venue, we will be there in plenty of time and will even make sure to do final checks before you walk down the aisle.
We promise not to disappoint.If you are getting married in 2018 , or early next year, give Dana a call and we'll get you booked in.