Octopus September SM Posts 1‘Tis the season to be jolly and if you’re anything like us, that means party, party, party! Before you crack open that bottle of Prosecco you’ve been chilling and dig out your favourite little black dress, you need to think about styling your hair. Below are some of our favourites to give you some inspiration:
Long and Sleek
Plug in those irons and get ready to be the envy of girls everywhere with long and sleek hair. This style not only screams sophisticated, but sexy too, and with a touch of serum to finish off the look, your hair will shine and stand out.
Up Do
Whether you’ve been invited to a formal sit-down dinner party, or want to add some chic with a top bun, an up-do will make a big impact and last all night. It’s a great option if you’re planning to add some emphasis with a statement necklace or set of sparkling earrings.
Curls are a classic party look. They suit all hair lengths and the best thing about them is the many different types to choose from. Straightening irons, wands or rollers all create beautiful curls. From tight “Annie” ringlets to soft waves we can create the look you want.
Short and sweet
You don’t have to have long hair to create a glam party look. Pixie crops with a long side sweeping fringe, slicked back short hair or a volumised bob are just some of the many styles to rock a Christmas party.
We LOVE a braid! These can be incorporated whichever way you like. From a French plait along the front of your hairline or one wrapped around a bun to a beautiful twisted crown braid, these are the perfect way to let your hair stand out.
Last but by no means least; don’t forget your hair accessories. This time is all about the glitz and sparkle and whatever hairstyle you decide to go for this season, accessories can always be incorporated. From a simple hair band, glittery hair slides and clips to funky bobby pins, accessories are the finishing touch to beautiful party hair.