Cory Hoffman Tiger Eye Hair Color 3There’s nothing we love more than a cheeky upgrade, but when was the last time you thought about reinvigorating your hair colour? Well think no more as we introduce to you Tiger Eye hair - the latest Balayage trend already taking salons by storm.
Now don’t panic, we’re not about to turn you into Tony the Tiger, although you may feel ‘GR-R-REAT!’ and want to unleash your inner wild side after opting for this trend! No, Tiger Eye hair is on a much more sophisticated level as we will now explain.
Taken from the infamous Tiger Eye Rock, a semi-precious quartz stone that aids harmony and balance and helps you to release fear and anxiety, Tiger Eye hair mimics the stone’s colours of blondes, browns and caramels to create beautifully warm tones throughout your hair. What’s more, these colours can be emphasised with different styling methods such as curling or straightening.
Using the same hand technique as Balayage, the Tiger Eye colour starts with a deep rich chocolate root colour with soft warm caramels, gold and copper running throughout, keeping the ends of your hair the lightest. It is mostly suitable for anyone with a warm complexion, but the colour tones can be easily adapted for those with a more cooler complexion.
To get the full effect of Tiger Eye hair, don’t be afraid to let your stylist loose on painting stripes onto your locks. Much like the stone, you can expect to see thick areas of colour, which will bring with it a beautifully dramatic look.
We understand when it comes to colouring, some people aren’t massive fans of stripes so if you would prefer something more subtle, that’s ok too. Remember though, this is another paint-on technique so compared to foils, the thickness of colour will have a very different effect.
Why not give it a go today; contact the salon to arrange a consultation with your stylist.