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This week we welcomed in the spring equinox, marking our official move into a new season. We said goodbye to those long, cold nights and are now welcoming in lighter mornings, and very soon, warmer days and blue skies; a change we are all very much ready for.
It’s also the ideal time to tell you about this season’s colour that looks so tasty you’re going to not only want to wear it, but wish you could eat it too!
That’s right, the colour trend currently flirting it’s way around salons right now is the extremely fun, and very sweet, candy floss and bubble gum! These shades of pink are nothing but cute, bright and so cool, you’re going to stand out and look delicious!
Pink has been working it for some time, and its popularity isn’t going to end there. It’s now turning a corner and moving from a rocky, vibrant, edgy look to a more softer, gentle, yet still fun colour to play with. Think a more laid back, sweet pink - still on point – and perfect for a spring/summer look.
Hang on a minute....candy floss and bubble gum isn’t always pink though, is it? No, it’s not! Sometimes other colours are thrown into the mix too, and that’s what is happening with hair shades too. Where pink tends to dominate, gorgeous pastel colours such as purple, blue and green are also being thrown in for good measure! There’s a real pick n mix of colours that compliment each other in the candyfloss and bubble gum range and now is the ideal time to enjoy them.
What are you waiting for? Spring has sprung and it’s now time to have fun! Get booked in today and let’s explore some beautiful new colours that we just know will look beautiful on you!