Octopus February 2017 SM Posts 16

Did you know, approximately 2% of the world’s population have naturally red hair? That’s about 140 million people whose parents were both blessed with the MC1R gene, which means for the rest of us, it’s all about finding the right shade for our skin tone to pull of such a striking look.
So, what is it about red hair that creates such a talking point and how important is it to ensure we get the colour right first time?
Red hair is eye catching. It’s rich in colour, comes in a variety of shades and can give you a transformation like no other. It’s guaranteed to dramatically alter your look, turn heads and give you quite the confidence boost.
Choosing the right shade of red is crucial. Depending on what your current hair colour is will determine the type of red you can expect to achieve, but you also need to consider your skin tone to help balance it out. If you have fair to warm skin, you’ll be wise to choose colours such as strawberry blonde, copper and auburn. Think Lana Del Rey, Isla Fisher, Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone.
For sun kissed to darker skin, you can opt for richer tones such as ruby, burgundy or red velvet. Celebs including Lindsey Lohan, Rihanna, Missy Elliot and Cheryl Cole are just some examples of where these colours work well.
Adding red to already light/blonde hair isn’t as difficult compared to hair that is darker in colour because it will take a lot easier. That’s not to say it can’t be done if you have brunette or black hair; it just means a bit more work will be needed to ensure the colour will last. A lightening process will usually have to be done first for the colour to then be put on your hair, but that’s something our stylists will be able to assess and discuss with you.
The condition of your hair will also need to be factored in too. If yours is dry or damaged, the colour may struggle to hold, so it will be wise to consider some conditioning treatments beforehand, but again, this is something our stylists can assess and advise.
It may sound like there is a lot to consider when choosing red hair, but it isn’t as difficult as you may think. We are always happy to talk through ideas with you before you make the final decision so if you are contemplating a brand-new look, get in touch with us and let’s get that transformation started!