shagIf you’re looking for a hair style that’s on trend and doesn’t take too much to maintain, especially when the weather is so hot, then look no further because the shag haircut is the one for you!
This unisex look originally made its first appearance in the 70’s on celebs including Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and Jane Fonda, and has since made several comebacks including when Jennifer Aniston infamously introduced “The Rachel” do in the mid 90’s. Now, as we move through 2017, we are seeing yet another revival thanks to the likes of Taylor Swift, Alexa Cheung and Kaley Cuoco who are showing the world that hair can be retro, stylish and cool all at the same time.
The shag do is the ideal style if you like your hair to look a little bit rough round the edges, and the best thing is it’s suited to all face shapes, hair lengths and ages. Veterans of this look include Meg Ryan, Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry, and they’re still rocking the style today, proving this is one that won’t be disappearing any time soon.
Shag haircuts in 2017 are still easily identified with plenty of layers around the crown and feathering at the top and sides, but the look today is more modern, with a sharper cut and shape, but still easy enough to maintain. Depending upon the length and thickness of your hair as well as your face shape, will determine the number of layers and the type of finish created for this look.
Short shaggy styles are great if you have thin or flat hair as they can rejuvenate your look and add body; medium shag styles provide the opportunity to create a rocky, messy look and long shag haircuts allow for all-over layers that will turn heads. There’s a style for everyone, so why not unleash that inner rock god and go crazy with shag hair today