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Going through the menopause can have so many effects on a person, and is something we identify regularly in our salon. If hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and problems sleeping aren’t enough to deal with, looking after your hair should be the last thing to worry about. Unfortunately, many of our clients tell us of their hair struggles when reaching or going through the menopause and the impact it is having on their confidence.
As hairdressers, we understand how your hair can impact the way you feel within yourself. From a simple wash and blow dry to getting a full head of colour, if your hair looks good, you feel good too, but what happens when your hormones take over and you find you are no longer in control of what your hair is doing?

Here are our top 5 tips for looking after your hair whilst going through the menopause:

1.Check your hair products - With higher levels of testosterone in your body throughout the menopause, you may notice changes to your hair type. Some women find it gets greasier whilst others notice it becoming dry and brittle. It’s worth reassessing what shampoo and conditioner you are using and if need be, change to something more suitable that is nutrient rich and deep conditioning.
2.Don’t overuse heated products – This goes without saying for anyone, but more so when you are going through the menopause. Your hair is more fragile and prone to breakage so you should be gentle when handling your hair especially when straightening or curling.
Look after your scalp – You may start to experience a dry, flaky and occasionally itchy scalp so it will be worth investing in anti-dandruff products to calm the sensation to scratch it. Treating yourself to a scalp massage to stimulate hair follicles will in turn will help regenerate growth.
3.Choose colour wisely – If you are suffering from hot flushes, it’s important to let your stylist know as this can impact the speed in which the colour takes, especially when using foils. You may want to opt for some low lights instead as these can also make hair look thicker which is ideal if you notice your hair thinning. As with all new colour treatments, it’s always worth doing a colour test first but that’s something we can discuss with you.
4.Invest in regular trims – not only will these keep your hair looking healthy, it will also make you feel good too. It’s also the perfect opportunity to put for feet and relax with a cuppa and some magazines while we indulge you with some pampering!

We have just the answer to helping your hair feel youthful again. Our BOOST treatment uses a Brazilian Palm Fibre that draws hydration into the hair without weight radically improving smoothness and moisture levels within the hair. It lasts up to 30 days and the feedback we’ve already had is amazing!
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