Octopus August SM Posts 2
Autumn is well and truly here and we’re all feeling a little bit sad as we say goodbye to our favourite bikini’s and summer dresses in favour of our trusted winter warmers. However, not ones to let the weather ruin our fun, now is the ideal time to revamp the wardrobe and get some inspiration for a brand new in-season haircut, but before you do that, let’s consider a bit of TLC.
There’s no denying it, we would much rather be tanning ourselves on the beach enjoying an ice-cold cocktail instead of dreading the heating bills soon to come our way, but if your hair is feeling the effects of too much sun, chlorine and too many styling products, now is the perfect time to pamper those locks, and what better way to do it than with a hair mask.
Hair masks can be used on all types of hair. Yes really! Many people assume if yours is greasy or fine for example, then using a product like this will only make it greasier, but that isn’t true. It’s all about finding the right type for you, and when you do, it will be the ideal treatment to revitalise the look and feel of your hair.
Whether you have dry, brittle hair, are seeing more split ends than you would prefer or want to give your colour a bit of a lift, pampering your tresses is a treat you will thank yourself for indulging in. We all love the feeling a face mask gives us, so why not do the same for your hair too?
Like conditioner, masks provide a more intense treatment because they are higher concentrated to help restore moisture. How long you leave it on for depends on the type you are using. We have a great range to recommend in the salon so pop in and we’ll talk through the ones we think will be suitable for you.
We’re all over hair TLC so why not get involved too. Prices start at as little as £5, not bad for brand new conditioned hair! It’s time to end the summer with indulgence and start the Autumn as you mean to go on!