If there’s one thing we love doing at Octopus Hair (apart from the obvious, of course) it’s shouting out about the amazing team that’s behind the success of the salon.
As you will have seen on social media, we recently celebrated our 14th birthday , and already we are ready to share with you another incredible milestone, which comes from our very own, Aimee.
Ten years ago this month, Aimee stepped inside the doors of our salon as an eager 17 year old with a passion to cut hair. Starting off as a trainee, alongside going to college, Aimee displayed all the credentials any salon owner would hope for in a new apprentice. Thankfully, for Dana, she saw the potential in Aimee, and was determined never to let her go!
Fast forward to now, Aimee has worked her way up to the role of Hair Director and is constantly thriving in all that she does. Not only acting as Dana's wing woman, she is also a rock to the team, providing support, advice and assistance when needed. We have had the pleasure in seeing her grow into an incredible woman who is now married with a beautiful baby too.
Just like Aimee, her clients are extremely loyal and come back time and time again to hear all about her life and what she’s been up to in and out of the salon.
Aimee, from all of us at Octopus Hair, we thank you for your continued devotion. We are so grateful for everything you do and it wouldn’t be the same in the salon without you. As an incredible asset to the team there’s only one thing left to do; let’s crack open the prosecco and toast to another amazing 10 years.
We love you Aimee!