extensions tape colour array

Hair extensions are a popular choice for many of our clients and we have seen some incredible, and beautiful, transformations over the years. We know this is only going to continue and are so excited about it because we are now introducing tape extensions to the salon.

Tape extensions are literally as they sound! Rather than using glue to bond single strands to your own hair, wefts of hair, approximately one inch wide, are simply taped in between your hair and can last between 4-10 weeks depending on whether we use heat or not. The hair can also be reused for up to three applications too. No chemicals are needed, it’s a simple taping method that is already proving a popular choice in the hair world.

It doesn’t stop there either. It takes less than an hour to apply a full head of tape extensions, and because it’s a more natural way to add hair, there is less damage, less maintenance once they’re in and they’re a lot more lightweight, which is ideal especially for those of you who have fine hair.

It’s recommended you use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to maintain its healthy look and feel, but other than that there is no more you need to do, other than enjoy your new look!

Taking all of this into consideration, you will also be pleased to know the cost is a lot more friendlier too, so all in all its a win-win situation opting for tape extensions!

Whether you are a hair extension pro or are a complete novice, why not consider giving these a go. We will book you in for an initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for and answer any questions you might have.

Your new hair is waiting, so why are you?