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The festive season is officially here and we are already having so much fun in the salon styling hair and getting our wonderful clients party ready! It’s also a great opportunity to try out new hair colouring techniques, one of which is proving a popular choice because of the lovely way colour is displayed, and we all know how important it is to have your hair on point throughout Christmas!
Ribboning is a great new way to colour hair and is ideal if you are looking for contrast the shades and tone of your locks. The technique involves starting with a base of dark colour and then using a lighter shade that is then painted on in strands, with the end result looking like strips of ribbon throughout your hair. It works on all hair colours but is most effective when your base colour is all one shade.
The trick of ribboning is that is shows the beauty of subtle hair colouring that can be emphasised depending on how you style it. For example you will find ribbon colouring is more prominent after curling as these strands will be more obvious, however that’s not to say you won’t notice it on straight hair; you just have the opportunity to dress your hair up or down and show off your colour in a variety of ways.
It looks like ribboning is going to continue well into 2019 so if you are eager to give it a go, we won’t only be doing this for Christmas. Maybe you’re already considering a new colour for the new year? If this is the case then why not start it with a brand new ribbon look. It’s the ideal way to kick start January and what’s more it’s bang on trend so you’ll be leading the way for hair colour!