IMG 1324If you’ve decided to do something different to your hair this year, but are still not sure what that is; look no further! The shade set to take 2017 by storm is none other than the colour purple.
With so many different varieties to choose from, we just can’t get enough of it in the salon, and being so versatile, it can compliment all hair colours. Before deciding on what shade to go for though, it’s important to choose one that compliments your skin tone, but don’t worry, that’s where we can help!
Perhaps you want to go all out with vibrant, bold purple, or maybe you would prefer something softer such as lilac, lavender or violet; whatever your preference, we can help create a new look for you. Pastels are also proving popular for both our young and old clients because they provide an opportunity to brave a new colour in a more subtle way, but still create enough impact to get heads turning whilst keeping your style on trend.
There are so many ways you can add purple to your hair. Block colour, ombre and highlights are just a few possibilities, all of which can be incorporated into your style, regardless of the length of your hair. Long hair allows for more intensity, especially if mixing alongside other colours, and can create a rich look if mixed with dark brown and black hair, but short hair can still create an edgy, yet sexy look especially amongst blonde and cherry reds.
The best thing about purple is it is already proving to be season friendly, so whether you decide to brave it now, or wait a few months and go for it in the summer, it’s up to you. Purple is here to stay, so why not take the plunge and give it a go! The possibilities really are endless.