Octopus August SM Posts 15Grey is on trend, and no we’re not talking Christian (although we won’t deny, he is a bit of dish!) It’s the unlikely colour people are going for and telling the world that being grey isn’t about getting old, but in fact, is a move that’s proving daring and beautiful. It’s also got the Octopus team rather excited in the salon because it’s giving us another great reason to experiment with colour!


Since designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gareth Pugh and Chanel were seen using silver-haired models in their recent catwalk shows, celebs including Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and Jade Thirwall from Little Mix, are turning to the colour that is being dubbed  “Granny hair” and stepping out in head-turning shades of Grey.


So why is the colour that we’ve always been so afraid of, or eager to cover up, now the one to be showing off? Grey is a head turner. It’s not one you expect people to be choosing, and the dynamic it brings to your hair style is creating an exciting buzz we are very quickly falling in love with. It’s edgy, classy, sexy and bold so if there’s ever a time to experiment with the colour, it’s now!


There are many different ways to incorporate a grey hue into your hair. Whether you want light, dark, silver blue, ombre, gothic grey (black and silver), purple grey balayage, pink and grey or all out ice queen, the opportunities are endless.

Both men and women are embracing grey and the look it can bring to their style. In its own right, grey is a beautiful colour, so it’s no wonder we are now seeing it being used more in salons. You no longer have to be of a certain age to achieve this look so what are you waiting for? Get on board with the grey phenomena today!


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When styling your hair, do you ever wish you had more of it?

Maybe you wish it was thicker or longer, or that you could create even a simple style, such as a ponytail, with more volume and body? If this is you, then perhaps it’s time to consider having hair extensions.

We want to give you an introduction into the hair extensions we use, and more importantly, why, to give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the product before you make the bid decision to invest in your new look.

We are proud to use high quality, Fabulong hair extensions in our salon.

These extensions are 100% virgin human hair, processed through a system called ‘cuticle alignment’ which means every strand of hair is facing the same direction, preventing it from tangling.

This in turn makes the hair easy for you to manage and maintain, something which is extremely important when committing yourself to extensions.

That’s not all!  There’s more to Fabulong hair extensions that we love too.

As colour experts, we put colour and shine at the forefront of our clients’ needs, and with such a versatile range of coloured hair available, and their science of maintaining the shine and luster, we can continue our expertise with assurance knowing we are delivering the hair you want with a product that won’t damage your natural hair. Isn’t that fabulous!

We have qualified stylists trained specifically in hair extensions who can discuss the possibilities available to help enhance your style with extensions. If you would like to find out more, or are interested in booking an appointment, call the salon today on 01604 756685 to arrange a consultation Click the Button

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Blunt hairstyles are still very much in the limelight this year with celebs such as Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Rihanna all showing off some serious hair envy.
Creating the look for yourself can, however, be somewhat trying especially if you have thick hair as you can potentially run the risk of looking more like an extra from The Lego Movie than a style icon!
All is not lost though.When it comes to perfecting the right blunt cut for you, we can help by using a method called collapsed layers - a cutting technique that removes volume and weight from underneath your hair rather than thinning it out with layers on top - preventing that helmet head from surfacing!

There are a variety of ways to collapse layers from your hair. For example, using reversible blending scissors to thin out layers from the nape of your neck to allow your hair to neatly sit closer to the neckline, to the more extreme where hidden panels of your hair are shaved to allow it sit flatly against your head. Don’t panic; it doesn’t have to be as extreme as that, it will all depend on your hairline, the type of look you want, and the discussion you have with your stylist on creating the best cut for you.
Now is the perfect time to be brave and take the plunge with a style that is current and on trend so why wouldn’t you want to take the risk? If you are admiring these styles and wondering if you can pull off the look, come into the salon and talk to us. We can evaluate your hair type and discuss the options available to help you create the look you want and leave you walking out of our doors looking as sharp as the cut we give you!


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It’s not often you hear of a makeup trend for your hair, and after all the time and effort we put in to contouring our face to ensure our best features are on show, have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could do the same to our hair too? 

Well fear not! Let us introduce you to hair strobing; the very latest colouring technique taking the world by storm.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you to pour your foundation over your hair or worse, streak it with mascara, but what we can tell you is, strobing is a specialist colour technique used to highlight your best features using specific areas of hair rather than an all-over colour.  

Carried out by a qualified strobing specialist, matrix colour is used to highlight in all the right places. Much like highlighter is used on your face to capture where natural light hits you; strobing does the same but to your hair, deliberately flattering your face shape and skin tone to accentuate your natural beauty. It highlights your best features and plays down your not so favourite with contrasting colours. It’s a win-win combination! 

The best thing about strobing is it is unique and individual. Nobody has the same face, so why have the same hair colour? It’s an indulging experience we can all take advantage of by creating something tailored specifically to our own individual look. Whether you have a pixie style crop or long, flowing Repunzel hair, strobing is versatile enough for everyone to benefit from. It’s a great opportunity to say goodbye to copycat hair styles and stand out with your own individuality. 

To find out more, give the salon a call on 01604 756 685 and we will arrange an appointment with one of our strobing specialists or
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The Colour Rescue Package

If you are making the gossip for all the wrong reasons and your re-growth is showing a little too much it’s time to get help, it’s time to get rescued!

We can give you your dream colour in one complete service for on set price with no hidden extras…so you can sit back and relax.

This is what we’ll do:

We’ll remove or replace unwanted colour until it looks good again, we’ll treat it so it feels good too and we’ll cut and style it with a look you can manage at home.

The ‘Colour Rescue Package’ is available every TUESDAY for a set price of £65!

So, if this is the answer to your prayers then your first step is to call the salon and book your in-depth consultation so your stylist can create your rescue plan!


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Do you ever get hair envy when you flick through magazines and see so many lovely photos of celebs showing off their gorgeous hair styles? Maybe you have a Pinterest account dedicated to wishful thinking up-dos, or have a taste of the green eyed monster when you go out with your friends who are showing off beautifully styled hair.
If this is you, then we can help! Our team of experts aren’t just here to cut and colour your hair. Oh no, we are passionate about showing you the best ways to maintain and look after your hair in between your appointments too, and that includes styling.
Maybe you want to learn how to braid your hair, need tips on the best way to curl and straighten, or perhaps you want to challenge yourself with an updo that you have been admiring for so long. From the simple to the more advanced, we can help.
All you need to do is book an appointment with your stylist, explain what it is you need help with and they will give you a one-to-one tutorial packed with hints and tips to enable you to easily continue it yourself at home.
There’s no need to spend hours searching through endless amounts of video tutorials trying to copy demonstrations that are just not working. Instead, treat yourself to some pampering in the salon and get into the heart of it with your on-hand stylist who can personally give you a lesson.
When your hair looks good, you feel good, so don’t sit there yearning for that style someone else is showing off; be that person! It’s time to stop wishing and start doing. Book an appointment today and discover the style you have been longing for is actually a lot easier to do than you think!