Octopus October SM Posts 16With the festive season upon on us we wanted to let you know changes to our openng times.

If you havent booked your appointments in for Christmas yet, be quick as there's not many left..

We close at 5pm on Christmas Eve and Re-open on thursday 29th Decemebr at 9am.

We then close at 12.30pm on New Years Eve and Re-open at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January.

If you are still stuck for gift ideas for your loved ones then dont forget, we can personalise a gift package for you! 

We look forwrad to seeing you soon,

Dana x


Octopus November SM Posts 9If you’re considering a radical hair colour transformation, but are not sure what to do, why not dive in and go mermaid!
With such beautiful colours to choose from, Mermaid hair is the ideal choice if you want to stand out from the crowd and show off your personality. From blending colours to contrasting with bold opposites, the opportunities to create this look are endless. So whether you want a soft and delicate version of mermaid hair, or shades to give Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat a run for its money, we can help!
Depending on the initial colour of your hair, we will need to do some bleaching prior to adding in your chosen colours. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with gorgeous platinum blonde locks then you are already halfway there (and probably already a real life mermaid!), but if not, don’t panic; we are colour experts, so we know what we’re doing!
For anyone new to bleaching, you are in safe hands. We won’t dry out your hair and we won’t break it either. We will, however, make sure it stays nourished and well conditioned, and we’ll have so much fun creating your look in the process that we may even treat you to a rendition or two of our favourite songs from The Little Mermaid!
The best thing about mermaid hair is that it’s fun and vibrant so you really can unleash your inner sparkle and shine with a multitude of colours! From pastels entwined with platinum blonde, lavender and teal, rocky grey and purple, romantic pink and peach to Aquamarine, turquoise and violet, the possibilities to create your mermaid look are endless.
Now is the ideal time to make a splash and turn heads with mer-mazing hair, so let the Octopus unleash the mermaid and get sea-inspired today.


14856196 942634695840931 8416273536235527995 o#DareToHair with New Matrix Bond Ultim8

We are very excited to introduce into our salon NEW Matrix Bond Ultim8: a 3 step bond protecting system with 8 benefits, used when colouring to protect hair bonds, leaving you with a longer lasting, healthy colour and hair that feels softer and deeply nourished.
91% of women break bonds in their hair everyday in a salon and at home through lightening, colour, heat tools, mechanical tools and environmental exposure. By using Matrix Bond Ultim8, you are protecting your bonds from this damage and in turn, preserving your hair.
The 3 step process is as follows:
Step 1: Amplifier – dosed through a professional syringe, and added into your usual matrix hair colour or lightener, the amplifier removes bleach residue and starts the process of protecting your bonds.
Step 2: Sealer - deep conditioning treatment, applied onto your hair after the colour has been washed off, to help seal in the benefits of the amplifier restoring weakened hair bonds and adding further protection to your hair.
Step 3: Weekly sealing treatment – a weekly 10 minute at-home treatment to be massaged into wet, towel dried hair before shampooing. This process perfects fibres and provides additional nourishment.
The additional 8 benefits to this treatment include:
Helps protect bonds during lightening
Maintains expected lift
No reformulation needed
No additional time needed
Helps prevent hair breakage
Helps prevent hair fibres
Deeply nourishes
Hair looks healthier
Go on, #DareToHair and try the Matrix Bond Ultim8 today.


Octopus July SM Posts FInal 9We’ve recently shared our love for grey hair colour and the endless possibilities you can create by adding it to your own hair, but what about incorporating another colour alongside it? One that is proving really popular is pink, and we can completely understand why. 

Grey and pink work because they are soft colours that blend well together. Whether you are opting for a subtle look with pastel pink, or a something more obvious with fuscia, the effect these colours combined, are proving that stepping out of our comfort zone and experimenting with different colours other than the obvious blonde or brunette, is fun and exciting. 

Don’t worry, we’re not against the obvious, but when we get an opportunity to experiment with something different and new, we’re going to jump at the chance to have fun with it - after all, it’s what us colour experts do! 

Although pink has been around for a few years, it’s showing no sign of going anywhere, so now is the perfect opportunity to brave it and try something different. Kelly Osbourne, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding are just a few celebs who have taken the plunge and tried it. Even the pop singer, Pink, has been combining her signature hair colour with silver and grey for an effect that looks feminine but still keeping in line with her rocky edge. 

Colours are so versatile and can create an incredible difference to your hair so whatever the look you are going for, we have the skill and knowledge to ensure the colour is right for you. If we have tempted you to take the plunge and try a grey/pink combo, pop into the salon and have a chat with us or pick up the phone and book in for a consultation!


Octopus September SM Posts 4It’s easy to feel envious when you see images of models with beautifully thick hair, or your favourite celebrity showing off luscious volumising locks at a glamourous event, but rather than getting caught up in a cycle of copious amounts of back combing, mousse and spray in an attempt to recreate the look, there is a hidden trick which many of them use, and that simple is, hair extensions.

As we age, our hair follicles become weaker; team that with the effects of the environment and stresses and strains of everyday living, our hair can end up looking like it needs a good lift. If you are lucky enough to be graced with beautifully thick locks, we salute you! If, on the other hand, your hair is looking flat and limp, why not consider enhancing the look with hair extensions to rejuvenate your locks and give them the volume it is lacking.

Fine hair can sometimes be a challenge to style and we hear so often in the salon, stories from our clients about their struggle to do anything with it, and how they wish their hair looked and felt so much thicker – just like those images of celebrities they are drooling over! Whilst we are always on hand to listen and give advice for styling fine hair, having extensions is a great solution to add that extra volume which so many people are dreaming of.

By adding in strands of real Fabulong Hair throughout your own, we can discreetly create a look to give you not just added volume, but added confidence too, and most importantly, ensuring it remains natural looking.

Extensions don’t just have to be about length, adding in thickness can transform the look and style of your hair as much as it does having it long. It’s all about creating the look you want and the versatility of extensions allow us to do that.

If you are considering investing in hair extensions, give the salon a call today and arrange a consultation so we can discuss how to help you.  


Octopus October SM Posts 8So, you’ve arrived at Octopus Hair for your next appointment and are getting comfortable whilst enjoying a latte and biscoff (yes, we like to spoil you!) when you are about to discuss your next set of foil requirements with your stylist....
But wait! Have you considered Balayage?
Balayage is a French hair technique where we sweep colour straight onto the surface of your hair at the root, moving down to the ends for a sun-kissed natural look. There’s no need to use foils which means it is a much softer colour process and gives beautiful results, leaving your hair looking more natural. It also means the re-growth is less noticeable too so you can in fact, stretch out your salon visits a little bit longer, not that we want that to happen - we’ll miss you too much!
Where highlights are created with rows of foil for a more obvious colour, Balayage is more flexible because it can be applied sparingly throughout your hair which creates that natural look. The great thing about Balayage is it’s suitable for most hair lengths and can be adapted to all colours. Our experts will tailor the colour to the shading of your skin tone so that your best features are emphasised meaning everyone can benefit from this technique!
Balayage looks good all year round too. Whether you have just got back from two weeks in the sun and want to maintain that summer glow, or want to spruce up your colour during the winter months when you’re feeling cold and gloomy; having naturally warm, coloured hair will make you look and feel good whatever the season.
What are you waiting for? If you want one of our Balayage buffs to work their magic on you and be the envy of your friends, book an appointment today!