Octopus August SM Posts 2
Autumn is well and truly here and we’re all feeling a little bit sad as we say goodbye to our favourite bikini’s and summer dresses in favour of our trusted winter warmers. However, not ones to let the weather ruin our fun, now is the ideal time to revamp the wardrobe and get some inspiration for a brand new in-season haircut, but before you do that, let’s consider a bit of TLC.
There’s no denying it, we would much rather be tanning ourselves on the beach enjoying an ice-cold cocktail instead of dreading the heating bills soon to come our way, but if your hair is feeling the effects of too much sun, chlorine and too many styling products, now is the perfect time to pamper those locks, and what better way to do it than with a hair mask.
Hair masks can be used on all types of hair. Yes really! Many people assume if yours is greasy or fine for example, then using a product like this will only make it greasier, but that isn’t true. It’s all about finding the right type for you, and when you do, it will be the ideal treatment to revitalise the look and feel of your hair.
Whether you have dry, brittle hair, are seeing more split ends than you would prefer or want to give your colour a bit of a lift, pampering your tresses is a treat you will thank yourself for indulging in. We all love the feeling a face mask gives us, so why not do the same for your hair too?
Like conditioner, masks provide a more intense treatment because they are higher concentrated to help restore moisture. How long you leave it on for depends on the type you are using. We have a great range to recommend in the salon so pop in and we’ll talk through the ones we think will be suitable for you.
We’re all over hair TLC so why not get involved too. Prices start at as little as £5, not bad for brand new conditioned hair! It’s time to end the summer with indulgence and start the Autumn as you mean to go on!


Octopus October SM Posts 14

It was all systems curly during Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing launch show this weekend when we saw this year’s celebrity intake being paired up with their professional dance partners, and we were absolutely loving it.
As you can imagine, we were in a flurry of excitement when each celebrity graced the stage because it gave us the perfect opportunity to check out what we can expect from this season’s show, and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. All those sexy dresses, envious heels and copious amounts of glitter alone was enough to send us Octopus girls into a frenzy, and that’s even before we get onto the hair!
Topping up the prosecco and putting our feet up, we sat back and waited in anticipation as celebs including Mollie King, Ruth Langsford, Gemma Atkinson, Susan Calman, Charlotte Hawkins, Chizzy Akodolu, Debbie McGee and Alexandra Burke grace the stage, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have hair envy.
And it was all about the curls!
Loose curls, tight curls, beach waves, springy curls, spirals, tongs, wands and straighteners, there was a plethora of different types being styled out by the dancing beauties. They all looked stunning and each screamed sexy and fun, and the best thing is they can all be so easily replicated by anyone. These celebs were showing us that it doesn’t matter whether you have long hair or short, anyone can pull off curly hair.
It was a great opening show and something we are talking about in the salon already. The curls have got us inspired and we’re ready and waiting to put our own curling skills to good use.

This Thursday sees the launch of our new 'DRY BAR'. If you fancy vamping up your hair for a night out, but strapped on time and cash this is perfect for you! Arrive to the salon with your hair washed and dried and we'll do the finished hair for just £10! Let’s get partying with those curls. Call octopus now on 01604 756685!



Octopus August SM Posts 15

Team Octopus have been going baby crazy lately what with Aimee recently having her first little bundle of joy, and it has definitely got us all feeling a little bit broody in the salon! It’s also got us thinking about some of our clients who are expecting, or have friends and family members currently cooking up their own little ones, and an important question was recently brought to the attention of Dana: is it safe to colour your hair when pregnant?

Surprisingly, there are a lot of different rumours floating around out there and it can be a bit confusing, especially if you are a mum-to-be. Even more so if you are still in your first twelve weeks and don’t want to tell anyone until you’ve had your first scan.

The first three months of pregnancy are always the most vulnerable for a woman and during this first trimester, your skin is more prone to absorbing ammonia if you do decide to colour your hair. The good news is, there are so many different products available, most of which contain low amounts, or even no traces of ammonia which make them safe enough to use, even at such an early stage of pregnancy.

We’re not usually ones for turning people away, but when it comes to pregnancy, we don’t want to take any risks, however we will do our upmost to look after you. There are plenty of treatments to indulge in at the salon whilst pregnant, and with your hormones in overdrive, you may find a relaxing shampoo and conditioning treatment will make your hair look and feel just as amazing as what a colour would.

If you do have any concerns about this, give the salon a call and we will be happy to put you at ease. It will also make for a great excuse to talk all things baby related!

Thinking About Red Hair?

Octopus February 2017 SM Posts 16

Did you know, approximately 2% of the world’s population have naturally red hair? That’s about 140 million people whose parents were both blessed with the MC1R gene, which means for the rest of us, it’s all about finding the right shade for our skin tone to pull of such a striking look.
So, what is it about red hair that creates such a talking point and how important is it to ensure we get the colour right first time?
Red hair is eye catching. It’s rich in colour, comes in a variety of shades and can give you a transformation like no other. It’s guaranteed to dramatically alter your look, turn heads and give you quite the confidence boost.
Choosing the right shade of red is crucial. Depending on what your current hair colour is will determine the type of red you can expect to achieve, but you also need to consider your skin tone to help balance it out. If you have fair to warm skin, you’ll be wise to choose colours such as strawberry blonde, copper and auburn. Think Lana Del Rey, Isla Fisher, Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone.
For sun kissed to darker skin, you can opt for richer tones such as ruby, burgundy or red velvet. Celebs including Lindsey Lohan, Rihanna, Missy Elliot and Cheryl Cole are just some examples of where these colours work well.
Adding red to already light/blonde hair isn’t as difficult compared to hair that is darker in colour because it will take a lot easier. That’s not to say it can’t be done if you have brunette or black hair; it just means a bit more work will be needed to ensure the colour will last. A lightening process will usually have to be done first for the colour to then be put on your hair, but that’s something our stylists will be able to assess and discuss with you.
The condition of your hair will also need to be factored in too. If yours is dry or damaged, the colour may struggle to hold, so it will be wise to consider some conditioning treatments beforehand, but again, this is something our stylists can assess and advise.
It may sound like there is a lot to consider when choosing red hair, but it isn’t as difficult as you may think. We are always happy to talk through ideas with you before you make the final decision so if you are contemplating a brand-new look, get in touch with us and let’s get that transformation started!


Octopus May SM Posts 12Calling all wannabe hairdressers…we want you!
If you’re someone who loves all things hair, knows how to make people feel good about themselves, can hold a good conversation, and has an interest in fashion then look no further.
We are currently extending our tentacles and recruiting for Octo-prentices to join our salon!
As an octo-prentice aka Octopus apprentice (did you see what we did there?) you will join our team on a permanent basis and complete a training programme to give you all the necessary skills to become fully qualified hairdresser in our salon.
One day a week will require training with an external provider, and for the rest you will be salon based, putting what you are learning into practice, shadowing our stylists and getting the experience necessary to set you up for the start of your hairdressing career.
You'll become part of a salon where hard work always gets rewarded and be given the opportunity to discover your potential. This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to benefit from both working in a salon and getting the required training needed to excel in the world of hairdressing.
We take training seriously; we are a fully supportive team who strive to give people the opportunity to be the best at what they do. We are passionate about our salon and the services we offer our clients.
Without blowing our own trumpet too much, if there is one thing you can rely on at Octopus, it’s the amazing team who work so hard both individually and together to deliver incredible results, and it’s only going to get better with you on board!
If you would like more information about our apprenticeships, or to find out how to apply, call the salon today and ask to speak to Dana.


Octopus August SM Posts 15This weekend saw the return of the X Factor back on our TV screens which has well and truly marked the start of Autumn, and we absolutely loved checking out the hair styles on show and it seems there is a definite theme already appearing, not just from the judges, but also from this year’s hopefuls. Here is the low down on this weekend’s favourites:
Nicole Scherzinger
Scherzy was rocking some sexy hair styles and we were loving them all! The glamourous Pussycat Doll screamed sex appeal with two variations of slicked back hair including a high pony tail with loose curls, and a scraped back, off-the-face, long look. She also gave us serious hair envy with her long, loose wavy tresses teamed with three French plaits at the front of her head which were joined up into a top knot. A style we think is going to a real winner this season.
Sharon Osbourne 
Sharon was on point with her short, cropped red hair. We recently raved about how amazing red hair is, and Sharon was no stranger to the look; she had it all going on. Her cherry red, short look, cut into the nape of her neck with added body on top and a side fringe had everything right about it. The style is classy, sexy and couldn’t be more on trend if she tried.
Alesha Dixon
Stepping in on Sunday night was Alesha Dixon, who took a leaf out of her fellow judge’s book and was also about the slicked back pony tail with loose waves. This look never fails, even amongst the judges! She also styled gorgeous straight, glossy hair, neatly tucked behind the ear which oozed maximum sophistication.
Rwanda Shaw
The Poundland worker belted out You’ve got the Love by Florence and the Machine and we absolutely had the love for her long-braided hair, swept off her face and tied in a half up/half down look. So cool and so stylish; let’s hope we see more in the next round.
This Sinitta look-a-like had no shame stripping down to a jewelled bikini as she sang Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. The Brazilian personal trainer was sporting a mane of wild thick dark brown tight curls, teased with a touch of light brown at the ends. We loved it!
Grace Davies
Amazing Grace! We were loving everything about this girl. Not only did she blow us all away with her own song Roots, but the 20-year-old screamed style with her funky striped trousers, bardot top, trainers and flirty bob. Grace showed us all how to style thick, short hair in the right way. Curled, messy, wavy and bouncy, this bob is a real crowd pleaser and we have a feeling her hair styles are only going to get even more exciting.
Georgina Panton
With a slicked back hair wrapped neatly into a thick bun, this girl not only owned her hairstyle but owned her rendition of Love on the brain by Rihanna too. Simple and stylish, this girl looks set to go far.
Nicole Caldwell
We loved Nicole’s hair for the simplicity of it. This rock chick belted out Purple Rain by Price and styled out a look that was cool and relatable. With her long hair tied back into a low ponytail and her layers falling around the front of her face, she had a natural flair that we’re all going to copy.
Shanaya Atkinson-Jones
Say something I’m giving up on you by A Great Big World may have been the song she belted out in her audition, but there is absolutely no way we would want to give up on her hair style. What an epic head of hair she was styling out. Her mass of thick hair and tight curls are everything the judges said about her audition: beautiful and perfect. Octopus predicts Shanaya and her locks are going to be making quite the journey through to the live shows!