If there’s one thing we love doing at Octopus Hair (apart from the obvious, of course) it’s shouting out about the amazing team that’s behind the success of the salon.
As you will have seen on social media, we recently celebrated our 14th birthday , and already we are ready to share with you another incredible milestone, which comes from our very own, Aimee.
Ten years ago this month, Aimee stepped inside the doors of our salon as an eager 17 year old with a passion to cut hair. Starting off as a trainee, alongside going to college, Aimee displayed all the credentials any salon owner would hope for in a new apprentice. Thankfully, for Dana, she saw the potential in Aimee, and was determined never to let her go!
Fast forward to now, Aimee has worked her way up to the role of Hair Director and is constantly thriving in all that she does. Not only acting as Dana's wing woman, she is also a rock to the team, providing support, advice and assistance when needed. We have had the pleasure in seeing her grow into an incredible woman who is now married with a beautiful baby too.
Just like Aimee, her clients are extremely loyal and come back time and time again to hear all about her life and what she’s been up to in and out of the salon.
Aimee, from all of us at Octopus Hair, we thank you for your continued devotion. We are so grateful for everything you do and it wouldn’t be the same in the salon without you. As an incredible asset to the team there’s only one thing left to do; let’s crack open the prosecco and toast to another amazing 10 years.
We love you Aimee!


Something very special is happening at Octopus HQ this summer and it's setting the path for some even more exciting things in the pipeline, so much so, we’ve all been getting slightly emosh in the salon....but for good reasons!
This year, we are celebrating our 14th birthday! Can you believe it, we certainly can't , that’s for sure. Who knew all those years ago when we started as a hired chair in a beauty room of a gym, we would turn into a fully fledged salon in the centre of town with the most amazingly talented people styling the most incredible and loyal clients. It really is a dream come true.
We have seen lots of changes over the last 14 years including a rebrand, Octopus weddings, babies, and enough gossip that would give EL James a run for her money! Don't worry though, as always, what is said in the salon, stays in the salon...and that’s why it’s so sacred to us. We have heard the best news in there but also some of the worst. We have laughed, cried, and laughed some more. It’s been an absolute ball and we wouldn't want to change any of it because it’s made us who we are today.
It doesn’t even stop there. Come September, we will be welcoming new members to the team and we are so excited about it. The new generation of Octopus Hair are eagerly waiting in the wings to get their creative tentacles on you to transform your hair into a new kind of amazing!
From the bottom of our hearts, we really do appreciate and love every single person that has walked through our doors. Without you, the salon wouldn’t be where it is today. We are truly thankful to you all for your undivided loyalty, and most importantly, support and friendship. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
So join us as we raise a toast to the craziest 14 years and let’s hope the next 14 are just as magical.36199739 1909804742403332 4431815760188276736 o


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There’s always something a little bit extra special and exciting when our clients ask us to do their hair for a special occasion. As well as giving us an excuse to find out all the gossip on said event, it also provides us with the ideal opportunity to get creative, try out new styles and of course, play with accessories!
We have previously styled hair for a variety of occasions including graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries and balls, but one that gets us really excited and literally jumping for Octopus joy, is when we hear the happy news that one of our clients is getting married!
Now there are many reasons why we like a good wedding. Obviously, we HAVE to know about the engagement! How did it happen? Who asked who? What’s the ring like? Where are you getting married? But, gossip aside (only for a few minutes, while we top up the fizz!) the most exciting part for us, is talking wedding hair.
Never have we understood more how important it is to have the right hair style at a wedding, and even more so, ensuring it stays intact for the day. With a sea of cameras and videos capturing it all, the last thing any bride wants is a hair disaster. ...and that's where we can help!
There are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding hair and we love nothing more than sitting down and discussing them with our brides-to-be. We have the expertise and craft to create beautiful hair so whatever your requirements, we have different packages available for you.
Like all weddings, preparation is key. That’s why it’s just as important for us to plan your hair as it is for you to plan your day. An initial consultation is essential so we can determine how many people we will be styling, the kind of looks you have in mind, discussions on hair lengths and of course the location we need to be at on the day.
Once we know the basics, the fun really can begin. An additional appointment will be made especially for you and your wedding party so we can get styling. Whether you are looking for simple curls under a veil or want a more technical up-do, it's important we do at least one practice run to make sure you are happy.
The final stage is the day itself. Whether you are coming into the salon, or you want us at your venue, we will be there in plenty of time and will even make sure to do final checks before you walk down the aisle.
We promise not to disappoint.If you are getting married in 2018 , or early next year, give Dana a call and we'll get you booked in.


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We all know in order to run a tight ship, you need an exceptional captain, and that goes without saying at Octopus HQ. As much as we love telling you about the great things we do in our salon and how much we absolutely love your loyalty, there is someone very special behind it all that is working hard and inspiring us to not only be the best versions of ourselves, but strive for a successful career, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the matriarch of Octopus Hair, our very own Dana.
As owner, Dana has spent a long time building up the salon and taking the time to find the best people to train to be part of her team. She is without a doubt, so passionate about her vision for Octopus Hair, and helping people get the right style, look and colour and it speaks volumes with the wonderful feedback she gets from her clients:
‘’Not only do I love the way Dana understands my hair I just love coming to Octopus. The team are all so nice and friendly. Dana is full of ideas and is so easy to talk too. I’ve been to so many hairdressers over the years but she is by far the best I’ve ever had’’
As well as being a full time hair pro, Dana has another trick up her sleeve that she is unleashing in the salon, and that is wedding hair. Yes, we can see the ears of all you brides-to-be suddenly picking up out there! If 2018 is the year you will be walking down the aisle then let team Octopus help you get there.
Specialising in weddings, Dana can help you come up with ideas, and if you already know how you want yours to look, great! Tell Dana and she'll book you in for a trial. It doesn't stop there either, she can also help with your bridal party too. Maybe you want your bridesmaids to have a simple, yet beautiful curl finished off with subtle flowers, or want an up-do that incorporates a French braid, twists and curls, Dana has the knack of getting the look just right for your perfect day.
If you want to find out more about how Dana can help with your wedding hair, give the salon a call today. We'll book you in for a consultation and will even get a cheeky bottle of bubbly chilling in the fridge too. You see, we know how important these things are!
In the meantime, you can discover more about the wonderful Dana here...

Sum up what you do at Octopus Hair?
I have fun! It’s never felt like work to me and I love every part of it!

What’s the most interesting part of your job?
Meeting people…you never know what the day ahead could bring!I often wish we had our own T.V show!

What are the three most important things you do when you start your shift?
CUP OF TEA! Chat with the girls and chat a bit more!

Last book read, film/TV series watched and album listened to?
I love reading so a few on the go depending on my mood,the subtle art of not giving a f*ck, hot mess and I’ve just ordered a new one called the magic of thinking big!Series, suits and album just whatever is on my apple music 

Who is your role model?
A very clever man called Simon!

Which celebrity’s hair would you most like to style and why?Any politician as they all need a make over!

What is your most treasured hair product/item?
My section clips!!!

Last holiday destination?

You’ve won 10 million on the lotto, what do you do?
Take Robin and the children around the world! Open a huge chain of salons.Make sure my family and friends have a good chunk shop shop, open an orphanage, buy and island and employ a chef… have I got any left?

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Your future depends on the decisions you make today!

Tell us something not many people know about you?
I had tennis lessons for years!

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into hairdressing?

Best part of working at Octopus Hair?
You’re respected and appreciated. The team are so much fun, all very different and I think thats why it works!



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If you have any friends or relatives who'd love both a special offer AND a stylist who's a great listener with the skills to deliver a style they'll feel great wearing I'd like to introduce them to Kasia who will be joining the Octopus Team on April 28th as a Creative Designer. Kasia has a flair for hair and a passion for making people feel good about themselves …exactly what you’d expect from an Octopus stylist!

To tempt them to give Kasia a try, for a limited time only we are offering a Cut & Blow Dry with her for £20 (a saving of £16) or they can upgrade and have a colour as well for just £40!

Could you spread the word for us .... we'd really appreciate it but please makes sure anyone who wants to take advantage of savings like these calls the salon on 01604 756685 ... A.S.A.P. before Kasia's introductory offer closes.



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Colouring hair white is very much on trend right now which comes to no surprise because it looks so beautifully striking. However, achieving the look isn’t as straight forward as it may seem, or even a possible option for everyone, because of the work that goes into getting the look.
If you are already showcasing naturally white hair, then wear it with pride because it’s highly sought after at the moment, and only a lucky handful can achieve it because it involves so much bleaching.
Already light blondes have the advantage because it won’t involve as much stripping of colour compared to those with darker hair but that's not to say it can’t happen; the process will just take a little longer and you’ll have to go through a number of bleaches over so many weeks first.
The condition of your hair will need to be considered too. If you already have dry or damaged hair, we wouldn’t want to put it under anymore strain as adding bleach to weakened hair will cause breakage. Instead, you should consider a series of deep conditioning treatments first.
That is also true during and after colouring hair white. Even the most nourished hair will require a lot of conditioning maintenance in order to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. Although it’s standard practice for us to offer advice on how to look after colour treated hair, in this instance it’s highly recommended because there is a lot more involved so you need to be prepared with the upkeep.
Don’t be put off though. We love white hair, and we know all the tricks to ensure it is done the right way so that we look after your locks whilst colouring it. We would most definitely suggest a consultation prior to starting this process and as soon as we've discussed options with you, we can book you in to start your transformation.