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Colouring hair white is very much on trend right now which comes to no surprise because it looks so beautifully striking. However, achieving the look isn’t as straight forward as it may seem, or even a possible option for everyone, because of the work that goes into getting the look.
If you are already showcasing naturally white hair, then wear it with pride because it’s highly sought after at the moment, and only a lucky handful can achieve it because it involves so much bleaching.
Already light blondes have the advantage because it won’t involve as much stripping of colour compared to those with darker hair but that's not to say it can’t happen; the process will just take a little longer and you’ll have to go through a number of bleaches over so many weeks first.
The condition of your hair will need to be considered too. If you already have dry or damaged hair, we wouldn’t want to put it under anymore strain as adding bleach to weakened hair will cause breakage. Instead, you should consider a series of deep conditioning treatments first.
That is also true during and after colouring hair white. Even the most nourished hair will require a lot of conditioning maintenance in order to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. Although it’s standard practice for us to offer advice on how to look after colour treated hair, in this instance it’s highly recommended because there is a lot more involved so you need to be prepared with the upkeep.
Don’t be put off though. We love white hair, and we know all the tricks to ensure it is done the right way so that we look after your locks whilst colouring it. We would most definitely suggest a consultation prior to starting this process and as soon as we've discussed options with you, we can book you in to start your transformation.


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We all know in order to run a tight ship, you need an exceptional captain, and that goes without saying at Octopus HQ. As much as we love telling you about the great things we do in our salon and how much we absolutely love your loyalty, there is someone very special behind it all that is working hard and inspiring us to not only be the best versions of ourselves, but strive for a successful career, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the matriarch of Octopus Hair, our very own Dana.
As owner, Dana has spent a long time building up the salon and taking the time to find the best people to train to be part of her team. She is without a doubt, so passionate about her vision for Octopus Hair, and helping people get the right style, look and colour and it speaks volumes with the wonderful feedback she gets from her clients:
‘’Not only do I love the way Dana understands my hair I just love coming to Octopus. The team are all so nice and friendly. Dana is full of ideas and is so easy to talk too. I’ve been to so many hairdressers over the years but she is by far the best I’ve ever had’’
As well as being a full time hair pro, Dana has another trick up her sleeve that she is unleashing in the salon, and that is wedding hair. Yes, we can see the ears of all you brides-to-be suddenly picking up out there! If 2018 is the year you will be walking down the aisle then let team Octopus help you get there.
Specialising in weddings, Dana can help you come up with ideas, and if you already know how you want yours to look, great! Tell Dana and she'll book you in for a trial. It doesn't stop there either, she can also help with your bridal party too. Maybe you want your bridesmaids to have a simple, yet beautiful curl finished off with subtle flowers, or want an up-do that incorporates a French braid, twists and curls, Dana has the knack of getting the look just right for your perfect day.
If you want to find out more about how Dana can help with your wedding hair, give the salon a call today. We'll book you in for a consultation and will even get a cheeky bottle of bubbly chilling in the fridge too. You see, we know how important these things are!
In the meantime, you can discover more about the wonderful Dana here...

Sum up what you do at Octopus Hair?
I have fun! It’s never felt like work to me and I love every part of it!

What’s the most interesting part of your job?
Meeting people…you never know what the day ahead could bring!I often wish we had our own T.V show!

What are the three most important things you do when you start your shift?
CUP OF TEA! Chat with the girls and chat a bit more!

Last book read, film/TV series watched and album listened to?
I love reading so a few on the go depending on my mood,the subtle art of not giving a f*ck, hot mess and I’ve just ordered a new one called the magic of thinking big!Series, suits and album just whatever is on my apple music 

Who is your role model?
A very clever man called Simon!

Which celebrity’s hair would you most like to style and why?Any politician as they all need a make over!

What is your most treasured hair product/item?
My section clips!!!

Last holiday destination?

You’ve won 10 million on the lotto, what do you do?
Take Robin and the children around the world! Open a huge chain of salons.Make sure my family and friends have a good chunk each..shop shop shop, open an orphanage, buy and island and employ a chef… have I got any left?

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Your future depends on the decisions you make today!

Tell us something not many people know about you?
I had tennis lessons for years!

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into hairdressing?

Best part of working at Octopus Hair?
You’re respected and appreciated. The team are so much fun, all very different and I think thats why it works!



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If you have any friends or relatives who'd love both a special offer AND a stylist who's a great listener with the skills to deliver a style they'll feel great wearing I'd like to introduce them to Kasia who will be joining the Octopus Team on April 28th as a Creative Designer. Kasia has a flair for hair and a passion for making people feel good about themselves …exactly what you’d expect from an Octopus stylist!

To tempt them to give Kasia a try, for a limited time only we are offering a Cut & Blow Dry with her for £20 (a saving of £16) or they can upgrade and have a colour as well for just £40!

Could you spread the word for us .... we'd really appreciate it but please makes sure anyone who wants to take advantage of savings like these calls the salon on 01604 756685 ... A.S.A.P. before Kasia's introductory offer closes.


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Today’s post is dedicated to all you lovely gentlemen out there who love coming into the salon, but don’t get enough mentions in these blog posts….until now! That’s right guys, this one is all about you!

Now some of you may be surprised to hear this, but we actually have quite a lot of men who love to come and get their hair cut and styled by us, and we love seeing you come back again and again. So much so, we’ve been doing a little bit of thinking about ways in which we can add to your salon experience and we are really excited to tell you we are now fully trained and ready to offer male grooming as part of our salon package.

So what is male grooming and more importantly, what does it entail? Well, in addition to your usual haircut, we are now offering you the opportunity to indulge in getting those little extras tidied up with a bit of in-salon waxing.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to scare you, we’re here to pamper you, and when we say waxing, we’re talking about getting rid of those unwanted nose, ear and eyebrow hairs. That’s right, there’s no end to our talents! Our stylists are now fully qualified in these areas of waxing which means you have the perfect excuse to take some extra time out for yourself and indulge a little bit longer at Octopus HQ.

If you’re reading this and are thinking you could do with a bit of a tidy up, then stop right there and give us a call. We’ll get you booked in and all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy some time out.

What are you waiting for, gents? It’s your turn to be pampered now!


IMG 2802There’s nothing we love more at Octopus Hair than welcoming someone new into the team and watching them grow into incredible, confident stylists, and that’s exactly how we feel about our recent graduate, Georgia.

Joining the salon as a trainee, Georgia has been shining from the moment she walked through our doors, and the commitment she has shown throughout her training process has earnt her a position as our latest colour technician.

Already building up a great selection of clients, Georgia has been showing the world just how good she is at colouring hair. From Babylights to Balayage and Ombre to a complete colour change, she isn’t afraid to experiment with different colours as well as offering advice and tips on what she thinks will look good on her clients.

“I was asked to model for Georgia one afternoon as part of an assessment she was doing at college and I was so impressed I’ve started to book in with her more regularly now. I’ve even recommended her to my friends and family who are also booking in with her too! She is such a lovely girl, quietly confident with killer results. She’s an absolute star!” Tanya Shirley, Octopus Client
Seeing the confidence in Georgia growing every day is really exciting and the enthusiasm she has for what she does oozes out of her. She is without a doubt a real Octopus girl and we are so happy she chose us.

With spring on the horizon, more exciting colours are starting to make an appearance and already Georgia is researching and experimenting with what she can do with them, making way for some incredible transformations heading our way.

If you would like to book in with Georgia, give us a call and we will arrange a consultation. In the meantime, you can find out even more about our gorgeous graduate here.

Sum up what you do at Octopus Hair?I make clients feel welcome,I colour and style hair and learn from the other stylists.

What’s the most interesting part of your job? Experimenting with different colours and changing someones appearance.

What are the three most important things you do when you start your shift? Starts with a cup of tea, check my day ahead and then I get prepared!
Last book read, film/TV series watched and album listened to? last book was ‘me before you’. Last series was game of thrones and the album was drake.
Who is your role model? my mum.
Which celebrity’s hair would you most like to style and why? Angelina Jolie, her hair always looks amazing and I’d love the challenge to change it.
What is your most treasured hair product/item? Straighteners
Last holiday destination? Spain
You’ve won 10 million on the lotto, what do you do? Pay off my families bills,take them all away, book a spa day and blow the rest on make up!
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? To always be yourself
Tell us something not many people know about you? I played football for a very long time!
What advice would you give to someone looking to get into hairdressing? To be confident and passionate.
Best part of working at Octopus Hair? The team , everyone supports each other and they are so fun to work with!
Give us a hair tip… hair powder is awesome for giving you a backcombed look!


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Over the last year, there has been a big hole in the Octopus team because our lovely Aimee has been off on maternity leave, however we're all getting more and more excited because it's not long until she's coming back to work and the whole gang will be together again!
If you are already a client of Aimee's we can image you're just as excited as we are to hear this news, but for those who are new to the salon and haven't met her yet, now is the ideal opportunity to find out more about her.
As colour lead, Aimee has been working at Ocotpus Hair for 10 years and is a well-established, experienced stylist who has an amazing eye for colour techniques and helping clients choose the right shades for them. She's the girl to go to if you are having a colour crisis because she has a great ability to know what will and won't work and can offer the best advice for your hair.
If you're feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the colour choices out there (because let's face it, there are a lot to choose from) or just want to discuss what will work for you, book in with Aimee because her knowledge and experience is priceless and you can guarantee you will walk out of the salon feeling like a new woman. Aimee is a true girly and an absolute expert when it comes to making you look and feel fabulous, and she can't wait to come back and get colouring again.
Aimee will be returning to the salon on 23rd May and her appointments are already filling up. If you would like to book in with her, give us a call today. In the meantime, read on to find out a little bit more about her...

Sum up what you do at Octopus Hair?
I have a real passion for colour and love to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques. I really love making clients feel amazing by the time they leave.
What’s the most interesting part of your job?
Learning new techniques! I love trying something new and wowing clients. Also all the different people you get to meet.
What are the three most important things you do when you start your shift?
check my column and get set up for the day
cup of tea
Last book read, film/TV series watched and album listened to?
Couldn't tell you I never finish them! Tv, greys anatomy, I'm hooked!! Album, I always have a different I tunes playlist on in my car, my music taste is too weird and varied to pick one. film, Marley and me (cry every time)
Who is your role model?
I've always looked up to my mum
Which celebrity’s hair would you most like to style and why?
That's a hard one I wouldn't mind any! Maybe Kim Kardashian. She's watched by so many people so a change would definitely be noticed!
What is your most treasured hair product/item?
It's a choice between Matrix miracle creator, literally can't live without it...and bond ultim8...this allows you to push the limits of your hair without compromising the condition.
Last holiday destination?
You’ve won 10 million on the lotto, what do you do?
All the usual probably. Holidays, I love to travel and see new places! new car, make sure all my family are looked after...and loads of new clothes.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
Tell us something not many people know about you?
I once abseiled down a church for charity
What advice would you give to someone looking to get into hairdressing?
If you have passion for it and are willing to work hard then go for it! There's no better feeling than making somebody feel special
Best part of working at Octopus Hair?
The fun we all have together, we're more like a family than a team!
Give us a hair tip…
Hair dust! Great for root lift on finer hair and doubles up as a dry shampoo...