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We take training very seriously at Octopus HQ and pride ourselves on finding the best people to join our family and then watch them grow into amazing stylists, and that’s exactly what is happening now with our very own Courtney.
Working with us for 14 months, Courtney has been a natural in the salon since she first walked through our doors. She has been building great relationships with our clients since day one and has shown us nothing but determination and drive to be a successful stylist one day.
With that in mind, we are really pleased to share that we have only gone and promoted her to graduate stylist....a position that we think she is most deserving of! This now means Courtney will officially be colouring and blow drying hair in the salon and we can’t wait to see the transformations she is going to make.
Alongside this, we have lined her up for lots of training courses over the next few months so she can really get into the role and explore colour and styling and put her own stamp on it within the salon.
We're so excited and happy to provide this opportunity for Courtney and also be able to share it with you all too. If you’re not familiar with her, then where have you been? Don’t worry though, it won’t be long before you’re recognising her in the salon. We absolutely adore her; she’s caring, reliable, funny, kind...everything you’d expect from an octopus stylist, and the best thing is, this is only the beginning for her.
So join us in raising a glass to celebrate the start of another team Octopus adventure as we congratulate Courtney and we can’t wait to see just how amazing she is going to be with us! Go girl!