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We have seen some incredible hair colour transformations take place in our salon over the years and we are constantly being surprised at the wonderful results they bring. However, every now and then, even as colour experts, we are taken aback when we see new trends coming through, and that is what's happening to us right now.
Only a few weeks ago we were astonishing our clients with vibrant pinks and purples and now we have something new on the scene, that is the complete opposite, and might actually take you a little bit by surprise too: mushroom!
Yes, you heard right – mushroom hair colour is a thing and its happening right now in our salon! Now don't fret, we are talking colour here, not some weird fungi potion that's hitting the shelves, and when we say colour think Portobello mushroom and then we'll definitely be on the same page. That’s right, think rich, earthy and neutral; a colour combo that is proving so beautiful, you're not going to want to wait any longer to try it yourself!
Mushroom shades work really well for everyone, in particular if you’re blonde or brunette because they provide the right balance of light and dark. Starting with an ash brown base, a combination of lowlights and highlights are then used to create the finished look. It’s the ideal opportunity for blondes to try out darker shades and brunettes to play with lighter colours and if your sporting a few grey hairs, don’t worry, mushroom brown will fix that, no problem!
Are you intrigued? Want to find out more about mushroom colour? Book in for a consultation today with one of our colour experts and we'll look at transforming your hair to this beautiful, yet surprising shade.