Octopus November SM Posts 9If you’re considering a radical hair colour transformation, but are not sure what to do, why not dive in and go mermaid!
With such beautiful colours to choose from, Mermaid hair is the ideal choice if you want to stand out from the crowd and show off your personality. From blending colours to contrasting with bold opposites, the opportunities to create this look are endless. So whether you want a soft and delicate version of mermaid hair, or shades to give Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat a run for its money, we can help!
Depending on the initial colour of your hair, we will need to do some bleaching prior to adding in your chosen colours. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with gorgeous platinum blonde locks then you are already halfway there (and probably already a real life mermaid!), but if not, don’t panic; we are colour experts, so we know what we’re doing!
For anyone new to bleaching, you are in safe hands. We won’t dry out your hair and we won’t break it either. We will, however, make sure it stays nourished and well conditioned, and we’ll have so much fun creating your look in the process that we may even treat you to a rendition or two of our favourite songs from The Little Mermaid!
The best thing about mermaid hair is that it’s fun and vibrant so you really can unleash your inner sparkle and shine with a multitude of colours! From pastels entwined with platinum blonde, lavender and teal, rocky grey and purple, romantic pink and peach to Aquamarine, turquoise and violet, the possibilities to create your mermaid look are endless.
Now is the ideal time to make a splash and turn heads with mer-mazing hair, so let the Octopus unleash the mermaid and get sea-inspired today.