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There’s nothing we love more than trying out a new colouring technique on our clients and the latest one we’re really excited to tell you about is, Foilyage. Adapted from the technique of Balayage, Foilyage is when colour is painted onto your hair freehand, and then wrapped in foil to intensify the end result.
A low maintenance method, the Foilyage effect isn’t time consuming and creates a natural, yet vibrant look especially when adding streaks of colour around the front of your face and at the ends of your hair.
Where Balayage tends to be more effective for people with blonde or light hair (although it does work for brunettes too) Foilyage is especially ideal for those with dark hair because the intensity that comes from using foils allows the colour to last longer. This means brunettes can benefit from a natural looking technique because the colour is more pronounced.
With the colour lasting longer, touch ups are therefore not required as frequently as you would need if you were getting regular highlights because it isn’t added directly to the root so there will be no obvious regrowth. (Don’t let that stop you from coming into the salon to see us though!)
You may think going into Autumn and opting for sun kissed hair may not be the norm, but don’t let that fool you. Choosing Foilyage colour will make your hair look and feel sexy, and with plenty of sparkle heading our way, it is the perfect time to add a new dynamic to party hair.
Now is the ideal time to try an on-trend colour technique so why not give us a call and let us transform your hair the natural looking way. We’re so excited about Foilyage so get on board with us and let’s get colouring!