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Blunt hairstyles are still very much in the limelight this year with celebs such as Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Rihanna all showing off some serious hair envy.
Creating the look for yourself can, however, be somewhat trying especially if you have thick hair as you can potentially run the risk of looking more like an extra from The Lego Movie than a style icon!
All is not lost though.When it comes to perfecting the right blunt cut for you, we can help by using a method called collapsed layers - a cutting technique that removes volume and weight from underneath your hair rather than thinning it out with layers on top - preventing that helmet head from surfacing!

There are a variety of ways to collapse layers from your hair. For example, using reversible blending scissors to thin out layers from the nape of your neck to allow your hair to neatly sit closer to the neckline, to the more extreme where hidden panels of your hair are shaved to allow it sit flatly against your head. Don’t panic; it doesn’t have to be as extreme as that, it will all depend on your hairline, the type of look you want, and the discussion you have with your stylist on creating the best cut for you.
Now is the perfect time to be brave and take the plunge with a style that is current and on trend so why wouldn’t you want to take the risk? If you are admiring these styles and wondering if you can pull off the look, come into the salon and talk to us. We can evaluate your hair type and discuss the options available to help you create the look you want and leave you walking out of our doors looking as sharp as the cut we give you!