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Lasting colour is without a doubt what everyone wants when they come to our salon and we are really excited to share a new product from our R.A.W range that is helping to do just that.
Biolage R.A.W. Colour Care Acidic Milk Rinse is used on hair from roots to ends, in between the shampoo and conditioning process following a colour treatment, to rebalance the pH levels of your hair. This in turn softens and smooth’s hair to keep it feeling strong and looking beautiful.
Infused with coconut and oak milk, this rinse is everything your hair needs to stay healthy, and as part of the R.A.W family, it's vegan, lactose and dairy free so you can feel confident that what is being used on your hair is doing such good things for you.
We have only recently started using the milk rinse in the salon, but already the Octopus team have fallen in love with this product and we are hearing great things back from clients telling us their hair is looking and feeling so good, even weeks after their initial appointment. It's definitely getting the thumbs up and we couldn’t be happier.
We always encourage our clients to look after their hair and are passionate about sharing the best ways to do this. The Biolage milk rinse is no exception. It’s another product from R.A.W that we fully believe in so the next time you are in the salon, make sure to give it a go, but don’t worry if you forget, we can’t stop talking about it so will definitely mention it to you!