Octopus August SM Posts 2One of the many topics of conversation that frequents the salon amongst our clients and stylists is shampoo. So often we are asked for advice on the best one to buy and whether to go for a professional brand or one from a local supermarket.
We’ve all been there: standing in front of a row of beautifully coloured bottles trying to decide whether to go for the one that gives lasting colour, the one that promises best results or is safe to use every day or the one that is the cheapest (because let’s face it, we’ve all had weeks where we’ve had to stretch the pennies).
So other than getting into a flap about it and reaching for a bottle of wine rather than a bottle of shampoo, let us give you a few tips to make it easier for you.
The first thing to look for is the Ph level which determines the acid and alkaline balance of the product. Always look for those ranging as close to 5.5 as this is considered neutral, therefore safe to use on your hair and scalp.
Professional shampoos fall into this neutral bracket, but it is important to note that any displaying higher Ph levels will be more alkaline, and will therefore be more harsh on your hair, something you don’t want especially if you have recently had new colour applied.
You should then scan the bottle to read the general make up of ingredients. Professional shampoos are made up of 20% water and the rest products, whereas shop ones are the opposite, with roughly 80% water. This means professional shampoos are more concentrated so will last much longer!
Shop bought also has a tendency to have low grade silicon added to it which doesn't wash out easily. Your hair may be left feeling lovely and soft, but when colour is applied it won't take as well and will dull and fade very quickly afterwards. A nightmare for vibrant reds and folk who want to be a cool ice blonde!
So the next time you are in need of some shampoo, remember these tips and consider opting for professional products – your hair will thank you!!!