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We are very excited to introduce into our salon NEW Matrix Bond Ultim8: a 3 step bond protecting system with 8 benefits, used when colouring to protect hair bonds, leaving you with a longer lasting, healthy colour and hair that feels softer and deeply nourished.
91% of women break bonds in their hair everyday in a salon and at home through lightening, colour, heat tools, mechanical tools and environmental exposure. By using Matrix Bond Ultim8, you are protecting your bonds from this damage and in turn, preserving your hair.
The 3 step process is as follows:
Step 1: Amplifier – dosed through a professional syringe, and added into your usual matrix hair colour or lightener, the amplifier removes bleach residue and starts the process of protecting your bonds.
Step 2: Sealer - deep conditioning treatment, applied onto your hair after the colour has been washed off, to help seal in the benefits of the amplifier restoring weakened hair bonds and adding further protection to your hair.
Step 3: Weekly sealing treatment – a weekly 10 minute at-home treatment to be massaged into wet, towel dried hair before shampooing. This process perfects fibres and provides additional nourishment.
The additional 8 benefits to this treatment include:
Helps protect bonds during lightening
Maintains expected lift
No reformulation needed
No additional time needed
Helps prevent hair breakage
Helps prevent hair fibres
Deeply nourishes
Hair looks healthier
Go on, #DareToHair and try the Matrix Bond Ultim8 today.