IMG 1060If you spend hours in the morning, or when you’re getting ready to go out, straightening your hair only to find you resemble Monica Gellar on holiday in Barbados the moment you step outside, then we feel your pain. Many of us are partial to a bit of frizz, and with the help of styling products and irons it can be easily managed, but for others, it can be more challenging and may in fact cause more harm than good.
The last thing anybody wants is to go to war with their locks, so if you are finding yourself caught up in the drama, let us take care of it. We have lots to offer, and dealing with your frizzy hair is something we can most certainly help with.
Kera-straight treatment is the solution to this problem. Designed to smooth out those stubborn kinks and curls whilst taming unruly frizz and adding intense moisture to dry and damaged hair, this semi-permanent treatment will make even those with poker straight hair envious.
Containing advanced protein technology, the treatment will revitalise your hair making it look and feel healthy, adding shine and leaving it so soft you’ll want everyone to feel it!
The great thing about this treatment is it’s suitable for all hair types and lasts for up to 3 months so is definitely worth the investment. Your hair will feel revitalised and save you so much time on styling you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.
Call the salon today to discuss in more detail or book a consultation with one of our stylists who will go through the treatment with you. You’re only one phone call away from taming your mane, and just think what you can do with all that time you’ll save from styling it every day…