If you’re looking to boost your style with something a little bit on the creative side, but are not sure what it is you’re looking for, stop right there, because we have the answer!
Never ones to miss out on playing with colour, our Octopus stylists have been getting their hands into some fantastic new colouring techniques lately which, if you’re anything like us, will send you in to a frenzy of excitement!
Colour melting is the latest trend to hit our salon and we are loving it! In fact, if you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter or been checking us out on Instagram, you will have some great examples that Eli has been doing and I think you’ll agree, they look amazing.
So what is colour melting?
Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it might sound and it doesn’t involve melting anything onto your hair either. (Yes, we had those thoughts too!). Colour melting is a technique where two or three different colours are used on your hair from root to tip to make it look as though it has been perfectly blended so you can’t see where one colour starts and one ends.
The great thing about colour melting is it works for all colours. From a stylist’s perspective, it’s a more technical way of adding colour to hair, but for a client, it means you get the opportunity to play with different colours and show them off in a way that looks natural regardless of the shades you are choosing.
Whether you want to go for seasonal reds and brown, fancy adding a touch of pink to blonde hair, or want to go all out with vibrant pastels, colour melting is the ideal opportunity for you to get experimenting with colours.
What are you waiting for? Boost your style today and let’s get melting!