Octopus August SM Posts 15

Do you remember the days of colour marbling where you mix paint to oil or shaving foam to create beautiful swirls of entwined colour? If so, then we have something very exciting to share with you.
Hot off the hair colour press and happening right now in our salon is our very own hair marbling technique. Yes, it’s true! We’ve adapted the art of marbling from paper to hair and we are absolutely loving the look.
There are a couple of ways to create the marble effect, but the technique itself first involves bleaching your hair so we have a blonde base to work with. Once the bleach has taken, strips of mesh paper are sprayed with shaving foam and then drops of your desired colours are mixed into it before applying it directly onto your hair. The second way of doing it is applying your chosen colours directly to strands of your hair before mixing them together by hand to blend them. Both techniques create a beautiful finish and are guaranteed to turn heads because the finished look is so mesmerising.
You can be as adventurous or as subtle as you like with hair marbling. Whether you would prefer to mix it up with a variety of blondes and brown, stick with seasonal autumn reds, copper and pink or go all out unicorn, the choice is yours. If you love experimenting with colour and want to try something bold and new, we highly recommend marbling when you next book in to get your colour done.
We have already tried this on a few of our clients and they have already come back and told us how much they love the look. It’s gives you the perfect opportunity to stand out, especially as the Christmas party season approaches, so what are you waiting for? Why not give it a go today!