IMG 1608We all love admiring the beauty of a sunset and the way the combination of yellow, red and orange tones highlight the sky, but have you ever considered taking those colours and incorporating them into your hair?

Well consider no more as we are excited to introduce you to: blorange.

Dubbed as the new rose gold, blorange is a combination of red and orange tones used on blonde hair to create beautifully warm, mesmerising shade effects including blood orange and peach – perfect for mimicking that gorgeous sunset we all love.

Already taking 2017 by storm, Georgia May Jagger was the first to set the trend after sending the internet into a frenzy at the beginning of the year when she updated her Instagram account with a photograph of herself showing off this new hair colour. What followed next was a plethora of celebrities following suit including Gigi Hadid, Hayley Baldwin and Troian Bellisario, and it hasn’t stopped since.

Whether you want to go all out and opt for a full head of sunset colour or prefer the subtle approach such as ombre, scattered colour or dipped ends, blorange can be as intense or as
understated as you want. It’s suitable for everyone, and it doesn’t end there.

Since its take-off, blorange has evolved from blonde hair to brown and black too, creating a more intense, rocky edge to its original look, which means anyone can get on board
and take advantage of this new shade. Depending on your hair colour and skin
tone will depend on the intensity of the tones used by your stylist.

Blorange is fruity, flirty and fun. It’s the shade of the moment, so don’t miss out on experimenting with these gorgeous colours. What are you waiting for? Get on board and get on trend today!