Octopus October SM Posts 8So, you’ve arrived at Octopus Hair for your next appointment and are getting comfortable whilst enjoying a latte and biscoff (yes, we like to spoil you!) when you are about to discuss your next set of foil requirements with your stylist....
But wait! Have you considered Balayage?
Balayage is a French hair technique where we sweep colour straight onto the surface of your hair at the root, moving down to the ends for a sun-kissed natural look. There’s no need to use foils which means it is a much softer colour process and gives beautiful results, leaving your hair looking more natural. It also means the re-growth is less noticeable too so you can in fact, stretch out your salon visits a little bit longer, not that we want that to happen - we’ll miss you too much!
Where highlights are created with rows of foil for a more obvious colour, Balayage is more flexible because it can be applied sparingly throughout your hair which creates that natural look. The great thing about Balayage is it’s suitable for most hair lengths and can be adapted to all colours. Our experts will tailor the colour to the shading of your skin tone so that your best features are emphasised meaning everyone can benefit from this technique!
Balayage looks good all year round too. Whether you have just got back from two weeks in the sun and want to maintain that summer glow, or want to spruce up your colour during the winter months when you’re feeling cold and gloomy; having naturally warm, coloured hair will make you look and feel good whatever the season.
What are you waiting for? If you want one of our Balayage buffs to work their magic on you and be the envy of your friends, book an appointment today!