Octopus March 2017 SM Posts 03 17Do you ever wake up in the morning and think “I really wish my hair looked different?” and then spend hours trawling through magazines for inspiration and trying different ways to style your hair only to go back to the trusty “safe” look you are always familiar with?
Perhaps those Facebook memories that pop up on your timeline have given you the realisation that your hair looks exactly the same 5 years ago as it does today and has prompted you to do some serious re-evaluation of your current look.
Maybe you need a cut that is going to make you look more sophisticated, modern or even brush a few years off you. Maybe you want to rebel against your current style and try something all out different and give not only yourself a shock, but your friends and family too?
Well now is the time to answer that lingering morning conflict you are having with yourself and step into our salon so we can create a brand new look, just for YOU!
Don’t worry, we won’t go crazy and do a 2007 Britney Spears and shave off all your hair! No, it’s 2017, we’re past that. Instead, it’s time to re-evaluate. It’s about looking in that mirror and loving your hair. Infact, it’s now time be the person that, when others see you, ask themselves that illusive question!
Our team of stylists are always on the lookout for people eager to try something new. After all, we’re hairdressers, and there’s nothing we love more than giving our clients a BIG Octopus confidence boost with a brand new look.
So if you have woken up this morning feeling like this, give us a call and let’s get consulting on options to get heads turning and give you that amazing look you so thoroughly deserve.