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When styling your hair, do you ever wish you had more of it?

Maybe you wish it was thicker or longer, or that you could create even a simple style, such as a ponytail, with more volume and body? If this is you, then perhaps it’s time to consider having hair extensions.

We want to give you an introduction into the hair extensions we use, and more importantly, why, to give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the product before you make the bid decision to invest in your new look.

We are proud to use high quality, Fabulong hair extensions in our salon.

These extensions are 100% virgin human hair, processed through a system called ‘cuticle alignment’ which means every strand of hair is facing the same direction, preventing it from tangling.

This in turn makes the hair easy for you to manage and maintain, something which is extremely important when committing yourself to extensions.

That’s not all!  There’s more to Fabulong hair extensions that we love too.

As colour experts, we put colour and shine at the forefront of our clients’ needs, and with such a versatile range of coloured hair available, and their science of maintaining the shine and luster, we can continue our expertise with assurance knowing we are delivering the hair you want with a product that won’t damage your natural hair. Isn’t that fabulous!

We have qualified stylists trained specifically in hair extensions who can discuss the possibilities available to help enhance your style with extensions. If you would like to find out more, or are interested in booking an appointment, call the salon today on 01604 756685 to arrange a consultation Click the Button

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