Octopus August SM Posts 15Grey is on trend, and no we’re not talking Christian (although we won’t deny, he is a bit of dish!) It’s the unlikely colour people are going for and telling the world that being grey isn’t about getting old, but in fact, is a move that’s proving daring and beautiful. It’s also got the Octopus team rather excited in the salon because it’s giving us another great reason to experiment with colour!


Since designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gareth Pugh and Chanel were seen using silver-haired models in their recent catwalk shows, celebs including Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and Jade Thirwall from Little Mix, are turning to the colour that is being dubbed  “Granny hair” and stepping out in head-turning shades of Grey.


So why is the colour that we’ve always been so afraid of, or eager to cover up, now the one to be showing off? Grey is a head turner. It’s not one you expect people to be choosing, and the dynamic it brings to your hair style is creating an exciting buzz we are very quickly falling in love with. It’s edgy, classy, sexy and bold so if there’s ever a time to experiment with the colour, it’s now!


There are many different ways to incorporate a grey hue into your hair. Whether you want light, dark, silver blue, ombre, gothic grey (black and silver), purple grey balayage, pink and grey or all out ice queen, the opportunities are endless.

Both men and women are embracing grey and the look it can bring to their style. In its own right, grey is a beautiful colour, so it’s no wonder we are now seeing it being used more in salons. You no longer have to be of a certain age to achieve this look so what are you waiting for? Get on board with the grey phenomena today!