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We all know a good set of eye brows can do wonders when it comes to framing your face, but what about your hair style? Having the right cut and colour can completely transform the look of your face, but let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t have the time to allow ourselves a little bit of luxury.
Well that’s all about to change right now!
Brand new to the salon, we are now introducing a service called Freehand face framing which is a step on from the traditional T-section of colour. Using specialised techniques like strobing, balayage and foilyage, colour is added around the face to create an eye catching, sun kissed effect that will not only look beautiful but make you feel beautiful too.
We all have months where time and money can be a bit tight, or taking care of ourselves becomes lower on our list of priorities. Sometimes we are so busy there isn’t enough hours in the day to find time for a hair appointment, but these feelings can now be a thing of the past! Freehand face framing colour will softly blend into the rest of your hair enough to freshen up tired, dull hair which is only going to make you feel better on the inside too. Another benefit of this service is it only takes about half an hour to apply so you can easily fit it into your week or even month!
Whether you’re a busy mum, are caught up with work or school or simply want something quick and easy, yet still feel like you’ve been to the hairdressers, this is for you. What’s more, you can still enjoy some time to relax and enjoy a tea or coffee while having a catch up with us and that’s something we love as much as you do!


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Hair extensions are a popular choice for many of our clients and we have seen some incredible, and beautiful, transformations over the years. We know this is only going to continue and are so excited about it because we are now introducing tape extensions to the salon.

Tape extensions are literally as they sound! Rather than using glue to bond single strands to your own hair, wefts of hair, approximately one inch wide, are simply taped in between your hair and can last between 4-10 weeks depending on whether we use heat or not. The hair can also be reused for up to three applications too. No chemicals are needed, it’s a simple taping method that is already proving a popular choice in the hair world.

It doesn’t stop there either. It takes less than an hour to apply a full head of tape extensions, and because it’s a more natural way to add hair, there is less damage, less maintenance once they’re in and they’re a lot more lightweight, which is ideal especially for those of you who have fine hair.

It’s recommended you use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to maintain its healthy look and feel, but other than that there is no more you need to do, other than enjoy your new look!

Taking all of this into consideration, you will also be pleased to know the cost is a lot more friendlier too, so all in all its a win-win situation opting for tape extensions!

Whether you are a hair extension pro or are a complete novice, why not consider giving these a go. We will book you in for an initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for and answer any questions you might have.

Your new hair is waiting, so why are you?



Do you ever get hair envy when you flick through magazines and see so many lovely photos of celebs showing off their gorgeous hair styles? Maybe you have a Pinterest account dedicated to wishful thinking up-dos, or have a taste of the green eyed monster when you go out with your friends who are showing off beautifully styled hair.
If this is you, then we can help! Our team of experts aren’t just here to cut and colour your hair. Oh no, we are passionate about showing you the best ways to maintain and look after your hair in between your appointments too, and that includes styling.
Maybe you want to learn how to braid your hair, need tips on the best way to curl and straighten, or perhaps you want to challenge yourself with an updo that you have been admiring for so long. From the simple to the more advanced, we can help.
All you need to do is book an appointment with your stylist, explain what it is you need help with and they will give you a one-to-one tutorial packed with hints and tips to enable you to easily continue it yourself at home.

This unique experience is FREE for Clients who have already visited Octopus and for new clients just a small charge of £25! You can book in all this week with one of our most experienced stylist! 

There’s no need to spend hours searching through endless amounts of video tutorials trying to copy demonstrations that are just not working. Instead, treat yourself to some pampering in the salon and get into the heart of it with your on-hand stylist who can personally give you a lesson.
When your hair looks good, you feel good, so don’t sit there yearning for that style someone else is showing off; be that person! It’s time to stop wishing and start doing. Book an appointment today and discover the style you have been longing for is actually a lot easier to do than you think!

Upgrade your hair lesson and add a personalised haircut too for just an extra £20! We know appointments for this are going to go fast so pick up the phone and call Octopus on 01604 756685 and have the hair you've been dreaming of!


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We take training very seriously at Octopus HQ and pride ourselves on finding the best people to join our family and then watch them grow into amazing stylists, and that’s exactly what is happening now with our very own Courtney.
Working with us for 14 months, Courtney has been a natural in the salon since she first walked through our doors. She has been building great relationships with our clients since day one and has shown us nothing but determination and drive to be a successful stylist one day.
With that in mind, we are really pleased to share that we have only gone and promoted her to graduate stylist....a position that we think she is most deserving of! This now means Courtney will officially be colouring and blow drying hair in the salon and we can’t wait to see the transformations she is going to make.
Alongside this, we have lined her up for lots of training courses over the next few months so she can really get into the role and explore colour and styling and put her own stamp on it within the salon.
We're so excited and happy to provide this opportunity for Courtney and also be able to share it with you all too. If you’re not familiar with her, then where have you been? Don’t worry though, it won’t be long before you’re recognising her in the salon. We absolutely adore her; she’s caring, reliable, funny, kind...everything you’d expect from an octopus stylist, and the best thing is, this is only the beginning for her.
So join us in raising a glass to celebrate the start of another team Octopus adventure as we congratulate Courtney and we can’t wait to see just how amazing she is going to be with us! Go girl!


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We have seen some incredible hair colour transformations take place in our salon over the years and we are constantly being surprised at the wonderful results they bring. However, every now and then, even as colour experts, we are taken aback when we see new trends coming through, and that is what's happening to us right now.
Only a few weeks ago we were astonishing our clients with vibrant pinks and purples and now we have something new on the scene, that is the complete opposite, and might actually take you a little bit by surprise too: mushroom!
Yes, you heard right – mushroom hair colour is a thing and its happening right now in our salon! Now don't fret, we are talking colour here, not some weird fungi potion that's hitting the shelves, and when we say colour think Portobello mushroom and then we'll definitely be on the same page. That’s right, think rich, earthy and neutral; a colour combo that is proving so beautiful, you're not going to want to wait any longer to try it yourself!
Mushroom shades work really well for everyone, in particular if you’re blonde or brunette because they provide the right balance of light and dark. Starting with an ash brown base, a combination of lowlights and highlights are then used to create the finished look. It’s the ideal opportunity for blondes to try out darker shades and brunettes to play with lighter colours and if your sporting a few grey hairs, don’t worry, mushroom brown will fix that, no problem!
Are you intrigued? Want to find out more about mushroom colour? Book in for a consultation today with one of our colour experts and we'll look at transforming your hair to this beautiful, yet surprising shade.

This Springs Favourite Tones!

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This week we welcomed in the spring equinox, marking our official move into a new season. We said goodbye to those long, cold nights and are now welcoming in lighter mornings, and very soon, warmer days and blue skies; a change we are all very much ready for.
It’s also the ideal time to tell you about this season’s colour that looks so tasty you’re going to not only want to wear it, but wish you could eat it too!
That’s right, the colour trend currently flirting it’s way around salons right now is the extremely fun, and very sweet, candy floss and bubble gum! These shades of pink are nothing but cute, bright and so cool, you’re going to stand out and look delicious!
Pink has been working it for some time, and its popularity isn’t going to end there. It’s now turning a corner and moving from a rocky, vibrant, edgy look to a more softer, gentle, yet still fun colour to play with. Think a more laid back, sweet pink - still on point – and perfect for a spring/summer look.
Hang on a minute....candy floss and bubble gum isn’t always pink though, is it? No, it’s not! Sometimes other colours are thrown into the mix too, and that’s what is happening with hair shades too. Where pink tends to dominate, gorgeous pastel colours such as purple, blue and green are also being thrown in for good measure! There’s a real pick n mix of colours that compliment each other in the candyfloss and bubble gum range and now is the ideal time to enjoy them.
What are you waiting for? Spring has sprung and it’s now time to have fun! Get booked in today and let’s explore some beautiful new colours that we just know will look beautiful on you!